High Impact Topics

Confidence is Not Genetic

  • What is confidence and do you have it?

  • Confidence = goals missed + goals achieved

  • Three reasons why confidence is important

  • Kim’s formula to building confidence

Get Your Mind Right

  • How to gain confidence

  • How to Develop a Growth Mindset

  • Talking to Yourself is a Good Thing

  • Repeat After Me

Stuck on Stupid

  • How to Push Past Failure 

  • The Difference Between Wishing and Doing 

  • How to Achieve Goals Quickly 

  • Its Goal Time

I Want the Birdie in the Window

  • How to Become Laser-Focused in a world full of distractions 

  • The Blessing in Saying NO 

  • How to Use What You Already Have 

  • Really? I can Make Money with That?

Perfectionism = Just Another Word for Procrastination

  • Why Procrastination Isn’t Real   

  • 4 Tricks to Overcoming Procrastination 

  • How to Make Your Time Count 

  • How Doing Less Produces More

How to Deal with Difficult People Without Losing Your Mind

  • What is a Difficult Person? 

  • Why Shouldn’t I Just Curse Them Out? 

  • Strategies to Keep Your Cool When Faced with Difficult People 

  • It Starts and Ends with YOU

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Attention Event Planners:

Feel free to use the following introduction & headshots for Kim Roundtree.

Today’s speaker is the Passionate CEO, best-selling author of Confidence Driven, and international speaker to leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs across various industries. She speaks to the heart of the leader so they can live life on purpose, with passion.


Kim has been an entrepreneur for over 15 years. She is also known for her previous co-ownership of mental health facilities in Louisiana that she and her partners sold to a prominent inpatient hospital, and her current co-ownership with The Solace Group, a mental health consulting company providing Healthcare Management to small facilities.


She is based in North Carolina with her husband and family where you can find her supporting their daughter's, volleyball tournaments. Please welcome to the stage the Passionate CEO, Kim Roundtree.