CEO Mindset Mastermind

with CEO Kim Roundtree

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Do you spend most of your time working in your business and not on it? 

Can you even remember the last time you took a few hours to really focus on the big picture? 

Are you constantly wondering if you are doing the right things, but don’t really know who to ask?

You’re not alone. 

So many solopreneurs and small business owners feel busy, overwhelmed, alone, and confused.



A large portion of our time is spent learning from each other.  Each member brings a list of topics they would like the group to address.  These topics can be business challenges, ideas, new strategies, and more. 

Hot Seat Coaching
As an attendee, you have the opportunity to take the Hot Seat!  We will set aside time for you to present a challenge, question, or business idea. Then the entire mastermind group goes to work, analyzing your issue and presenting alternatives!  

This Mastermind is for you if you want to:

  • Put your entrepreneurial journey on steroids 

  • Succeed faster

  • Get empowered 

  • Build your network 

  • Remove fear 


You’ll have dozens of opportunities to interact one-on-one with me, and our guest expert so we can help you gain deeper insight and help you the best way we can. 

Level Up Your Personal/Business Brand!

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You will learn…

  1. How to think like a boss

  2. How to use your history to profit 

  3. The real truth about building a successful business

  4. How to cure procrastination 

  5. How to build your online presence as a leader in your industry 


$297.00 monthly investment (subscription-based)

Refund Policy: You must cancel anytime before your next billing cycle. There will be no refunds.

So, are you joining?

Together, you can…

  • Say bye bye to confusion and say yes to a step-by-step plan to create the thriving business

  • Hone in on the most pressing problems your clients are plagued by so you can solve them with irresistible services and products

  • Map out your year of majorly motivating and life-altering services/products

  • Identify and implement a list-building strategy that can help you gain new names in your inbox -Woohoo!