Marketplace Ministry Summit 

Marketplace Ministry Summit 


Join Dean Heath & Kim Roundtree for one of the most transforming conferences of 2020!


  • How to find your superpower when you don’t know what it is

  • Overcome the self-doubt that keeps you from becoming successful in business

  • Establish a CEO Mindset 

Answer these questions for me… 

  • Do you feel like you keep doing the same thing over and over again and it does not work?

  • Do you desire to create an effective business structure that fits your unique vision?

  • Do you desire to develop and sell products/services now that solve painful problems in the world?

You will be able to answer the following questions: 

  1. What is a brand, brand story, and marketing message? 

  2. Are you charging what your knowledge and services are truly worth? 

  3. Are you in business to make a profit?


Learn the secret (not so secret) steps you can take to transform what you already know and do into a business. 


Friday Night October 23rd 

“Straight Talk” Panel Discussion 

You’ve got questions – we’ve got answers. Its always good to hear from established and innovative business and ministry minds.  This will be a time where they will share all the secrets. Just sit back, listen, and learn. 


Saturday, October 24th 


You will learn AND apply the knowledge provided in these workshops. 

  • How to Package, Price & Profit from your services/products 

  • How to turn your passion into something YOU can make money from

  • How to incorporate your love and commitment to Christ and His Kingdom into your business


BOOK LAUNCH – You will hear from the authors who participated in a book compilation project. You will never forget this.  Don’t miss it. 


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This Summit is a virtual event but depending on the status of COVID-19, we may allow no more than 50 guests inside the venue.   

$97.00 (Full 2 Days) 

$47.00 (Friday only) 

Hosted By:

Hosted By:

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Kim Roundtree

Entrepreneur & Coach

Kim Roundtree works with entrepreneurs who are ready to remove the TOP 2 Passion Killers so they can Package, Price, and Profit from their services and products. Kim will shift your mindset to a place of momentum and move you from fear to freedom.

Kim has been an Entrepreneur for almost two decades and is eager to share her knowledge with others. You will appreciate her transparency as she speaks to the heart of the Entrepreneur.

She is also known for her previous co-ownership of 4 mental health facilities in Louisiana that she eventually sold to a prominent inpatient hospital, and her current co-ownership with The Solace Group, a mental health consulting company.


Dean Heath

Paster, Entrepreneur & Coach

Dean Heath and his beautiful bride Tasheika reside in Tulsa, OK where they are the proud parents of their amazing children Asia, Zoe, Tirzah, Kelaiah, Wesley, Josiah, Alahna and Moses. Dean graduated from Oral Roberts University with a Bachelors degree in Pastoral Ministry and currently serves as youth pastor at Going Hard for Christ Church in Tulsa, OK. Dean is a healthcare and real estate entrepreneur, speaker, coach and published author. Dean is the founder and CEO of Reconcile Media Group LLC whose sole purpose is to  produce and promote Christ-centered music, books, films and digital content by building strategic prototype platforms and partnerships.




Keynote: Pastor Lawrence Peoples, Sr.


Lawrence Peoples is a native Tulsan, born in 1969 and destined to make a positive impact; however, life's choices led to gang involvement, addiction, and eventually prison. In 1995, Lawrence was incarcerated serving two prison sentences in the Oklahoma Department of Corrections. Finally, from his 6 X 9 cell, he gave his life to the Lord and the transformation began taking place. Lawrence Peoples was "Going Hard For Christ".

After Lawrence was released from prison in 1998, he was able to receive gainful employment through his obedience and then granted a full pardon by former Governor Frank Keating. He felt a strong desire to help others riddled with the same struggles. Lawrence became highly involved in jail ministry at David L. Moss Criminal Justice Center and Avalon Correctional Center.

Today, Lawrence Peoples is the senior pastor of Going Hard for Christ Church.  Collectively, Lawrence and his wife Nichelle are building a legacy, one soul at a time through discipleship. They have two children and five grandchildren.

Michelle Cameron 


Michelle Cameron is a passionate writer with evident zeal that can be found on display within her various projects. Known for her brilliant repertoire as both a precise and skillful writer, Michelle began to nurture her writing gift at the tender age of 15. Michelle has several books in publication and she is also a contributing writer for a few collaborations. 


Michelle’s message conveys sincerity and empowerment to aspiring authors. Michelle’s message grants her the opportunity to mentor authors on how to pursue their calling, live out their purpose, and share their impactful stories to reach many around the world.  She is a licensed minister and the proud mother of one son.  


Andréa Murrell 


Andréa Murrell is an Entrepreneur, professional tax preparer, financial strategist, leadership consultant,  Speaker, Life coach, and savvy business woman filled with excitement and passion for the well-being and success of small businesses and individuals. 

As the owner, operator of The Murrell Group Consulting and Business Services, LLC , Andréa has a background in finance and accounting spanning over 30 year of experience working with major Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits and small businesses alike.   

Andréa is committed to creating practical, high impact organizational solutions that help leaders maximize performance and profits.  With proven corporate and civic leadership experience, the value that she and her team deliver to leaders helps them maximize their potential while delivering clear, tangible outcomes.  Andréa is a visionary with hgh business acumen and a commitment to excellence.

Andréa has 30 years of experience in accounting, business, finance with a degree in Accounting, Business Administration, Certified Human Resources Specialist, Certified Tax Preparer and an ICF speaking certification.


Ramal Brown


Ramal Brown is known as “Tulsa’s Hometown Heat”. He was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. An Army veteran who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom & certified as a logistic specialist with the U.S. Army is a long-standing radio personality in the urban community holding the number one spot in Nelson ratings for over two years. Ramal has hosted multiple Non-Profit events, Christmas parties for St. John Hospital, The Hanson Brothers and Golden Gloves Night.


Opening for the legendary Roots on the grand opening of The Gathering Place was a dream come true. Owner of Enhance Sound Dj’s, Ramal was awarded as Benefactor of the year from the Jparle Scholarship Program.


A Husband to Charise Brown and father of two children Sean and Samiah. Currently Ramal is the Director of the Juice Radio Show, Co- Founder/Curator of The North Tulsa Community Festival, President of the African America Student Association, Motivational Speaker, Host, Serial Entrepreneur, Mentor and On-Air personality.


Making an impact within the community by setting the trends in thought and deed. Ramal’s goal is to help teach others how to get through barriers in life to be successful.


Aszurdee Sadé

The Realty & Financial Stylist

Aszurdee Sadé has been coined “The Realty & Financial stylist” making it her mission to teach the value of wealth building, home-ownership and financial literacy to those who were historically not provided this critical information. Today Aszurdee is a licensed Broker- Associate with Exp Realty, Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Community Activist, and Financial Literacy Coach.


Robert L. Caddy


Robert L. Caddy is an entrepreneur, speaker, improvement coach & community activist. He is the founder of Better Inspiration, Motivation & Consultation. The first self-improvement program of its kind, Better has transformed hundreds of lives with Robert’s whole health concept. Focusing on physical, mental & spiritual health, he empowers those in his program to improve all aspects of their lives. Having a wellness transformation for every day of the year is an achievement only attained by Coach Caddy.


Being a firm believer in infrastructure & teamwork, he has created the #1 personal and professional development program in Oklahoma. Widely recognized for his ability to develop leaders, business concepts and whole health transformations; he has worked with countless individuals, organizations and businesses including the City of Tulsa.


Robert has created successful wellness programs & regimens for a wide range of clients with varying conditions. His vast success comes from his ability to identify & improve every area of one’s health. He is an advocate for men’s health, having worked with our state Senator & various men’s organizations.


After a decade in the Aerospace Industry, initially as a mechanic but ending his corporate career in management, his calling was clear. Robert understands that support is a skill, and everything functions at the level of the support provided by its infrastructure. Be it personal, professional or health, Robert helps you build the foundation that makes success inevitable.


Joe Sutton a.k.a. Juice

Entertainer/Communications Specialist

Entertainer/ Communications Specialist Joe Sutton AKA Juice has been entertaining people since the day he was able to speak.  It all started at a young age entertaining kids in the back of the bus or clowning around making jokes during lunch and class.  Joe knew he was destined to entertain when his middle school teacher pulled him aside and suggested to him to try Stand Up Comedy.  In 6th grade he performed a routine at the Lincoln Community School talent show, "When I saw the looks and smiles on their faces when I finished I knew this is what I was made for."   High school is how he took on the name we all know him as now, "Juice".  Being the clown he was, he wanted to try to create a new tradition; carry a Juice Box to every class and practice he went to.  So the upperclassmen began to call him Juice box but Juice stuck with him.


Juice brings a home-style energetic type of comedy to the table.  What makes  his comedy great is its suitable for all ages, he likes to bring positive comedy to the stage and flip real life issues and problems and make them into something people can laugh about. He likes to talk about the struggles he went through as a child and make them into a  joke. "When I do comedy I like to keep it real, or how we said it in our neighborhood, keep it 100. So before I start a show I always ask 'Can I keep it real/100 with ya', Then my audience would say 'Keep it 100% Juice!!'  I want people to forget about all struggles they face and laugh, I want them to feel encouraged with what I bring to the table.  You can't be a successful comedian without having gone through some type of struggle because that's where successful comedians are born."  Growing up, Juice was inspired by many people to do comedy: His father (Joe Sutton Sr.), his uncle (Steve Fitzhugh), Kevin Hart, The Wayan Bros, Eddie Murphy, Michael Jr., Sinbad, Shed G, and  Chris Tucker.  "God has given me a gift and I praise him and thank him everyday for it." But Juice doesn't just talk about, he is about it.  All of Juices' comedy incorporates his faith, either its talking about church struggles or just remixing all the famous bible stories, Juice brings God into everything he does. "I am His creation and I must glorify The Creator with my talents in some way.


But Juice does not stop there with his comedy, since graduating from high school, Juice has taken one step up.  Now a Graduate from the University of Northwestern  in St. Paul, Juice is making moves to up his career.  With a Bachelors Degree in Electronic Media Communications (EMC for short) and minor in acting, he has already earned the privilege to co-host his own radio show on the schools official Radio Station, bringing laughs and Hip Hop to the table to spice up the station.  He has also became a YouTube partner making funny sketches, parodies, pranks, and debuted his very own talk show 'The Late Night Show With Juice.  


Jordan Holmes

Marriage & Family Therapist

Jordan Holmes is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Tulsa, OK and the founder of Refuge Counseling. Jordan graduated from Oral Roberts University with an undergraduate degree in theology and a masters degree in Christian counseling. Working at the crossroads of faith and science, Jordan merges the wisdom of Christian tradition with the latest in mental health research to assist individuals and couples in achieving God’s plan for their lives and relationships.