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It isn’t impossible or impractical to continue to follow your passion even as you age.

Doing what you love even as a hobby can go a long way to living a life that you enjoy.

There was a time when people weren’t encouraged to follow or even consider passion when living their lives. Survival was the most important and that often meant working from sunup to sundown with only room for sleeping and eating.

How do you find which passion to pursue?
And how can you pursue a business from your passion?

This 5-week online program will show you exactly what to do. You will get what you need without leaving the comfort of your own home.

If you answer yes to any of the following, then Kim’s one-on-one certification coaching program is for you.

  • Do you have challenges coming up with fresh, creative ideas?
  • Do you get stuck once you get started and then quit altogether?
  • Do you feel like you keep doing the same thing that does not work?
  • Do you have products/services but no plan to monetize?

You will discover things like…

  • How to identify a need within your community that you can be the answer to
  • How to get what’s inside of your head out and on paper in just a few minutes

Kim’s one-on-one coaching is offered virtually and in person. It is a time of immersion into personal and business growth. You will experience breakthrough after breakthrough when you follow the process. Click "Get It!" for the transformation you desire.

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